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The lobster industry is changing – on the water, in the supply chain and in the marketplace. MLDA advocates for businesses at the state and federal level, operating as the united voice in communications, with government relations, and industry and community outreach. We collaborate with our peers in the industry to solve problems and provide direct access for MLDA members to key decision and policy makers.

MLDA works for you! We will work together to solve problems and improve the climate of the lobster business.


  • Weekly communications from MLDA's executive director, Annie Tselikis
  • Representation at the state and federal level on various industry boards
  • Regular membership meetings to learn about opportunities and challenges in the industry
  • Direct contact with policy makers
  • Professional and social events that support the business

2018-2019 Dues

< $10 Million in revenue: $2000
> $10 Million in revenue: $5000


If your business supports the lobster industry with products, technical, industry, or professional services, this is the category for you. Receive weekly updates on the issues impacting the lobster business and advertise your goods and services directly to the companies and individuals that use them. Join us for networking opportunities throughout the year. MLDA will not offer its membership list, but distribute your content directly to the members.


  • Weekly communications from MLDA's executive director, Annie Tselikis
  • Networking opportunities with MLDA members
  • Access to MLDA members – market your products directly to the people who need them
  • Advertise on MLDA's website and in the weekly newsletter


  • Send logo to and provide link to your website
  • Your logo will be added to MLDA's weekly newsletter and appear there each week
  • Four email ads with your sponsored content promoting your goods/services throughout the year
  • Quarterly emails from MLDA highlighting all MLDA Business members

2018-2019 Dues: $2000


Wharves and small businesses that support the lobster industry will receive MLDA communications and be invited to any MLDA meetings and social events.

2018-2019 Dues: $500

How to Become a MLDA Member

To become a member, please mail in a completed Membership Application Form, with payment for the appropriate membership category shown below.

2018-2019 Membership Rates: 


  • < $10 Million in revenue: $2000
  • > $10 Million in revenue: $5000

Business Members:

  • $2000

Wharf/Associate Members:

  • $500

MLDA Membership Application

Join MLDA to have your voice heard and stay informed about important issues affecting the Maine lobster and seafood industry.


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