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Membership Information
for Maine Lobster Dealers' Association

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The MLDA is an organization of Maine lobster dealers and other businesses and organizations who are concerned about the future of the Maine Lobster Industry.

MLDA membership is open to the following classes of members:

  1. Voting member: Maine lobster dealers only (Maine lobster wholesale license number required)
  2. Non-voting member: Including but not limited to non-profit supporters, business sponsors, friends of MLDA and harvesters

With an MLDA membership you may:

  • Receive our email newsletter to stay current with industry going-on.
  • Contribute your ideas and recommendations on critical issues such as closures, testing, and legislation.
  • Be listed on and linked from our website.
  • Be invited to participate in MLDA meetings.
  • Voting rights are reserved for Maine lobster dealers who join at that rate.

How to Become a MLDA Member

To become a member, please mail in a completed Membership Application Form, with payment for the appropriate membership category shown below.

MLDA Annual Membership Rates

  • $2000 - Maine Lobster Dealers (voting)
  • $500 - Non voting membembers and supporters

MLDA Membership Application

Join MLDA to have your voice heard and stay informed about important issues affecting the Maine lobster and seafood industry.


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