Maine lobster industry partnering with state prisons to address workforce woes

There is ample opportunity to be had in Maine’s USD 1 billion (EUR 876 million) lobster industry for those who are eager and interested in the work.

That was the overarching message shared with a group of inmates at the Maine Correctional Center in Windham, Maine, U.S.A. on 7 December, during a kickoff session for a new training program aimed at readying incarcerated Mainers with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to potentially land a job in the lobster industry upon release from prison. 

Established through a collaboration between the Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association and the Maine Department of Corrections, the certificate-earning program is comprised of a series of workshops focused on supply chain dynamics, lobster handling, packaging and shipping, and warehouse and plant safety. 

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Lobster Dealers partner with Department of Corrections to find workers

WINDHAM, MAINE — Lobster dealers are partnering with the Maine Department of Corrections in a new program that's intended to help them find the workers they need.

Annie Tselikis, executive director of Maine Lobster Dealers' Association, said the new initiative is intended to address the same story she hears all the time from lobster companies ranging from Kittery to Lubec: They're struggling to find the workers they need to process and ship live lobsters around the world.

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